How important is to have Acuscope calibrated for animal use?

The instrument calibration is very important factor due to remarkable differences which exist within the distribution of the electrical current between human and animal subjects.
In the collected measurement of bio-impedance from cross sectional area of excitation points can show up to 30%-90% in difference (depending on the breed of animal) caused by dynamic changes in pulsatile blood flow to organs, arterial pulse waveforms and respiration. This means that if the instrument is not calibrated for animal use, the impedance window becomes too large and the constant current stage of the excitation source will not be able to supply enough voltage to keep the signal constant. This will result in lower than expected values, noisy "pulsatile" imprecise and indistinct data signals. We recommend Acuscope users to calibrate instruments for use in animal therapy.

How do I find out if my instrument is animal calibrated?

If you are buying used instruments you should verify by serial number of the device if the instrument was calibrated for animal use. Contact Animal Therapy Systems for verification. Arrangements can be made if calibration is found necessary.

How much it will cost to have Acuscope calibrated for animal use?

When purchasing new equipment there is no additional charge for animal use calibration.
Used equipment charge will depend on the condition and age of the equipment. Some instruments in the marketplace can be over 25 years old.

Why is conductive solution important?

Special characteristics of conductive solutions are very important because they reflect the type of treatment benefits your client will receive. Often miss-understood, the ion composition of solution materials merit special consideration. The solutions developed for animal therapy have a multi purpose task.

1) stability of electrode potentials,
2) ability to reject "noise" under the electrodes,
3) ability to match the input amplifier impedance,
4) ability to eliminate distortion due to phase shift difference at various frequencies and conditions etc.

How are ingredients able to penetrate the skin in order to work?

EquiSol type solutions were developed based on micro-ion technology with selected polar ingredients to match mutual attraction effect between positive and negative ion. The conductive solution is used simultaneously under the direction of the instruments signal to insure penetration and absorption down to the blood vessel to nourish and repair tissue as well as regulating stability of electrode potentials.

Can other conductive electrolytes such as EKG, EMG, EEG or Ultrasound high velocity compounds be used to substitute conductive solutions specially developed for Acuscope animal therapy?

Absolutely not if you are concerned about your client’s short and long term rehabilitation treatment benefits.
The electrode to solution interface is one of the most critical areas of concern.
Unmatched electrolytes can overproduce or diminish the average response magnitude and even produce unwanted voltages, therefore causing waveform distortions and thereby canceling the intended tissue restoration benefits.
For example when you use other conductive compounds, loading of electrode current density is increased and the resistive and reactive components of the electrode-electrolyte impedance become non-linear.
Because of this non-linearity, the magnitude of the electrode impedance becomes a function of the amplitude of the bioelectric event. Thus small and large-amplitude signals will encounter different impedance; therefore creating conflicts with undesirable or counterproductive therapeutic yields. Each electrolyte will produce its own physiological effects.
The conductive solution compounds such as Equisol 2000 and other manufacturer suggested products specially developed for animal therapy are essential and the only suitable choice.