Muscle Stimulator with Dual-Input EMG in
Portable Carrying Suitcase.

Objectives: Assess and document musculoskeletal function;
treat according to indicators assessed and modify using
EMG feedback as a guide. Monitor and document progress.
Justify need for continuing therapy.

The EMS-85 was specifically designed to provide today's
clinician with an objective method for understanding the
patient's muscle problem and its solution.

It presents two decades of biomedical design & engineering
into the combined study and application of muscle feedback and
micro-current muscle stimulation for the assessment, documentation
and treatment of Pain & Dysfunction.

To accomplish this, the EMS-85 is constructed to allow the clinician
to detect and study the surface EMG activity of two muscle
sites of choice before and after micro-current muscle stimulation.
By this means, the clinician has a greatly expanded capability to
assess the injury and then treat it while monitoring muscle
changes overtime- a process very important to the development
of protocol utilization and its justification for continuation of

The EMS-85 is an advanced instrument using microprocessor
controlled technology to improve performance. All major functions
are automated to enhance the effectiveness of the therapy.

The EMS-85 comes with a complete accessory package for
muscle stimulation and sEMG monitoring. The EMS-85's
electronics are built into a functional aluminum style suitcase
(airplane carry on size) in order to maximize portability for quick
setup and breakdown. The EMS-85 is the ideal instrument
to assist the clinician in meeting guidelines for documentation
of therapeutic results, but most importantly, the EMS-85 is a
remarkable technology designed to help the clinician to provide
the very best therapeutics their patient's deserve.

EMS-85 Specifications