The Electro-Acuscope 85 P is a pain management system
designed for functional precision and reliability.
Designed to fit the needs of Sports Therapy ond Occupational
Medicine, it is the most advanced instrument in its class.

The EAS-85P includes two independent modes.

Mode-1 is a single output modality with two distinct functions.
The Display function provides complete control for area assessment.
This allows operator to check for electrode contact and selection of
treatment site. The Gain Spectrum is provided to manipulate
electrode sensitivity and results are displayed on a 3 1/2 digit LCD meter.
The audio signal follows the meter, allowing for continuous electrode
monitoring, without having to refer back to the instrument.
The Treatment mode has a three separate controls: frequency, intensity
and a timer. The treatment sequence is triggered by a manual front
panel trigger switch, or by built-in electrode switch.
The Mode-1 has a two sets of output jacks, used as one set at a time.
The main electrode output set is used with all hand held control and
point specific probes. The remote electrode set is used with all
placement electrodes for unattended applications.

is a dual channel modality.
Each channel is independently isolated and may be used
simultaneously. The controls are independent of each other
therefore any variation of intensity, frequency or time
can be applied to either output.
Each channel is equipped with a 3 1/2 digit meter which indicates
the level of current passing in between the electrodes.
This mode can be used in many variations of electrode applications.
As an example, set of placement electrodes is attached
permanently, while the operator is using area specific probe such
as double roller. In unattended application both outputs can be
used on the same patient, or two patient treatment can be
applied at the same time.