Custom Design Products

A new generation medical equipment, designed with diagnostic and
treatment capabilities, for use in physical therapy, rehabilitation
and preventive medicine

The Electro-Acuscope 85C is a computer controlled device,
designed to operate as an independent unit, or in conjunction with a PC.
Based on the successful footprint of previous models, it features three
independent units, sectioned into three modes.

MODE-1: Complex waveform output is combined with local area
monitor for short or extended treatment applications. While timer,
frequency and intensity control the treatment, the gain spectrum
presets the treatment monitoring level.

High output mode, rich in harmonics is used for timed
short periods, to increase conduction level necessary for screening
and therapeutic treatment levels.

MODE-3: Multi-program mode set for diagnostics and treatment.
Four independent programs in self-standing mode allow for
auto-regulatory therapy, and reference treatments. The PC link-up
mode offers full point diagnostic capability and treatment in
one software package
The frequency and pulse are PC controlled, the intensity is a front
panel function. The data is transmitted via telemetric modules
which allow for selective decision making communication process.
The Program includes necessary patient data input and in treatment
mode tracks the pre and posttreatment results and offers a course of action.